Summit Historical Society Visit

Moving Day Program

moving day

Last month, we had several volunteers from the Summit Historical Society visit us to lead our learners in a special “Moving Day” hands on presentation.

They focused on the six different people groups that have lived in Colorado, including the Mountain Miners, Ute Native Americans, Trappers, and Ranchers.

After an overview of the geography of the state with a floor-sized map and timeline on the wall, the SHS volunteers divided the children into groups of two or three to spend some time learning about each people group. They each had a box which included artifacts from each of the people group, and other information explaining the culture, traditions, and tools of different groups.

At the end, each group went in front of the room to share what they learned with everyone. We were impressed with how much they retained and were able to articulate from this incredible hands-on activity.

Thank you, Summit Historical Society for coming to visit us and sharing your knowledge with our kids.

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