MHA 2.0


A much needed update to those that have supported MHA’s mission and goals toward providing Summit County with alternative educational option for children and families that are squarely rooted in a Christian-foundation.

Our Inaugural Year was incredible!

Following a wildly successful first year (it was truly an incredible gift to watch MHA and our might community thrive! It was nothing less than a gift from God), Mountain House has encountered a snag in our operation and in order for us to continue, we have been working toward meeting required building codes within our space. This process to meet code has been cumbersome and time consuming, but God has gifted us amazing angels whom have been able to make incredible progress in straightening out MHA path’s forward. 

In the interim, our educators and our families have had to seek other routes this year as we’re not currently operational. I’m leaning into this year as a growing year, and one that God is helping to shape a newly improved MHA 2.0. We rarely have full understanding in our struggles, but undoubtedly God’s got His birds-eye view lined up for MHA ready for us to reach with His blessing and His guidance. I am grateful to have much of the community’s support, including many of our original families, for us to keep fighting to get back operational. We’re far from being done, there’s too much at stake!

As we’re navigating these code challenges, I would like to thank the generosity and blessings MHA have received to make this push to re-open possible. Jim Dexter, an incredible human and owner of Summit Professional Services, has really spearheaded and made this task obtainable. We’ll be forever indebted to him for his selfless efforts on our behalf! Likewise, he’s assembled a team of talented experts to assist us with our needs, including an architect and engineer to craft plans for the future of our Christian Academy, and to ensure our solid foundation for MHA to exist in Summit County for many decades to come.

But they who wait for the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings like eagles; they shall run and not be weary; they shall walk and not faint.

Isaiah 40:31


extraordinary education colorado


As we craft our newer better version of MHA, some things will remain steadily the same:
– Learning about and developing a child’s spirituality and knowing God is our over-arching goal coupled with providing a solid educational foundation.
– We will be providing education from a non-denominational Christian Worldview.
– We plan on ultimately providing educational services for all school-aged children, K4 through 12th.
– We will continue to encourage a collaborative work environment with mixed age pods facilitated by educators.
– We plan on building our TREK Adventure program upon re-opening.
We are re-opening with our Grammar Pods (K4 – 6th) and possibly a Logic Pod (7th – 9th) for the 2023-2024 educational year.

While there are still steps that we’re taking to re-open, we are making forward progress. It’s taken longer than we were hoping, but God doesn’t mess up His timing. So, we’re patiently walking through this process, knowing great things beyond our wildest imagination or expectations await for our Academy.

I will continue to share more frequent updates, and information as it becomes available.

Should you, or someone you know, be interested in become a lead educator for September 2023 – 2024, please visit us here to submit your application.

In faith,

Erica Bull

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