We’ve noticed something.

You might have noticed, too. Our children are bored, uninspired, and checked out at school. Traditional school’s are focused on mindless regurgitation through uninspired teaching. Today’s children today are rife with anxiety and depression, removed from knowing God and the joy of living as one’s true self. 

Mountain House Academy is different.

MHA is rooted in fostering a lifelong pursuit of knowledge, wisdom, and understanding through purposeful and passionate service to God and mankind. We believe passion, critical thinking and inspiration coupled with knowing God will produce the next generation of productive community members.

Education. Re-imagined.

“Wisdom isn’t the product of schooling, but the lifelong attempt to acquire it.”

Albert Einstein

Our Mission

Mountain House Academy partners with parents to place faith in God first, while emphasizing family and cultivating the extraordinary uniqueness God placed within each of our children through individual experiences built in both academics and adventure.


MHA is transforming education to give children the ability to show they’re not only capable, but passionate and can excel when given the chance to cultivate their individual passions. 

Our Purpose

LOVE AND GLORIFY GOD in all we do as we serve and lead this ministry and community.

PARTNER WITH PARENTS to foster involvement in the education, character development, and spiritual growth of their children. Place the responsibility and freedom of choice back onto parents with their child’s learning experience. 

PREPARE CHILDREN for the challenges presented throughout their lives.

INSTILL a desire to be lifelong learners and to build a self-reliant and fruitful future. 

ENCOURAGE children to just be children.

CULTIVATE THE EXTRAORDINARY and unique gifts God has given each of our children.

EDUCATE WITH EXCELLENCE with high academic standards for presentation and application.

PLACE AN EMPHASIS on family, promote meaningful parent-child relationships and relationships with their community.

EMPOWER and build a distinctly Christian community.

EMBOLDEN our children to articulate and defend their faith.

Our Values

Our values create connection between our families, instructors, learners, and administration. We use them as our guide while making decisions as we grow our community.

Faith Forward

Spiritual and Moral Responsibility. Creating a foundational base for a life of service and emulating Christ-like lives. Promote Growth, Not Perfection.

Family Affirming

Support the stability and integrity of the family. Focus on family and community relationships and providing an educational experience with more flexibility.

Cultivate the Extraordinary

Educate with Excellence. Produce life-long learners that are critical thinkers. Cultivate their God given gifts to their fullest, and allow our learners the space and time to just be kids.

Social & Civic Responsibility

Love and respecting others, always and modeling Christ-like behaviors. Readiness to assume rights and responsibilities to participate in the electoral processes and a representative democracy. Emphasis on our God given Freedoms, and protecting them at all costs. 

Respect For Our Bodies

Respect and care for your body, the place He desires as His temple. Develop lifelong skills with proper hygiene, nutrition, and safety. TREK Adventure Club. Leadership, teamwork, and to marvel at God’s work in creating our great planet.  

Our Programs

We currently offer programs for learners ages 4-12 years old. We offer half-day and full-day programs. MHA will provide the flexibility to choose your child’s educational experience and providing your children the opportunity to explore and learn in a way that best suits them. 

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Our Daily Life

Our education will blend on-campus days with at-home academic days. Our daily schedule will focus on being God centered educational foundations, like reading, writing and math in the morning, while our afternoons will allow for co-curriculars and experiential and inquiry learning. 

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