Daily Life

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Flexibility To Learn and Play

Daily life at MHM reflects one of fellowship, community and collaboration within a flexible space for work, learning, and play. 

We’re a tight knit community of mixed-age learners who support each other and collaborate daily. This environment fosters a culture of respect and character development.

We replaced external motivators like high-pressure test scores and grades with an intrinsic growth mindset, so our learners will have fun while they’re learning, sparking a desire to be a life-long learner.

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Our mornings will focus on educational foundations, like reading, writing and math. We believe the foundation for a solid education is based on those core disciplines and will be emphasized every day.

We guide children through an individualized approach to learning for these core disciplines.



Our afternoons will allow for co-curriculars, passion exploration and inquiry learning. We include various specialities like:

  • STEM
  • Spanish
  • Art
  • Music
  • Home Economics & Cooking
  • Yoga & Movement Classes
  • Outdoor & Nature Study
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We’ll introduce Bible Truths each week and incorporate the importance of that truth in relation to living a honest, heartfelt and faithful life.

Our Chapel services will be held bi-weekly to worship and build our community’s faith and love for our Savior. Chapel’s are lead by Pastor Jimmy Humphries, of Great Divide Calvary.