frequently asked questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Curious about Mountain House Academy? Explore these frequently asked questions.

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Who is Mountain House Ministries for? What types of families are drawn to a ministry and community like ours?

  • Families who value a Christian worldview, or want their child(ren) to know God or to grow their faith in God.
  • Families who no longer feel traditional schools serve their child(ren)’s best interest in providing educational foundations or with skills needed to navigate the modern world. Entrepreneurs, out-of-the-box thinkers, trailblazers, creators and creatives.
  • Families who value more flexibility in education and desire more family time.
  • Families who desire their children to explore their individual, and God-given gifts and passions more in depth to create a desire to be a lifelong learner.
  • Families that are ready to take back the right and responsibility for their child(ren)’s education.

Are you a school?

No, we are not a school. We are a private education association ministry offering a multitude of services, including faith-based instruction.

A PEA is a private member association for the purpose of education that establishes its own operating guidelines and is not under the jurisdiction of the state, local, and federal government’s laws and regulations.

  • Membership is voluntary and services are not open to the public (only to our private members)
  • Independent
  • Privately-funded

Is MHA a school or accredited?

MHA is a faith-based ministry PEA, which stands for Private Education Association. This means we are a membership association that focuses on the faith based Education of our members. We are not accredited by any state or government organization, and we are not a school.  We are a private education association that has full autonomy over our functioning, teaching, and activities with our private members.

What is your educational philosophy?

Instead of teachers lecturing and working to fill students with knowledge, we’re encouraging a collaborative work environment with mixed age pods facilitated by educators. We’ll work hard to give your children the opportunity to learn through not only academic exploration, but also through adventure.

We believe our children are exceptional, and can succeed when given the tools to learn in supportive and collaborative environments. Children will learn through exploration and play, which is a main component in our daily life at MHA, complemented with educational foundations also being a primary function of each day. Getting back to the basics of reading, writing, math with some science and social studies woven in. 

Will you have grades and standardized tests?

No, we’ll develop real world skills and measure successes based on individual learning goals and collective learning expectations. Our learners will have multiple opportunities and ways through which to demonstrate proficiency. And we’ll provide feedback on progress to help build self-esteem, pride and motivation for our learners. 

Our standard based grading will promote a growth mindset, and encourage a culture of learning vs. earning, as well as risk taking and learning from mistakes.

What is your yearly calendar and tuition?

We operate on a 9 month trimester calendar that allows for extended breaks throughout the year to maintain their interest and allows for more family time together without sacrificing any learning. 

We understand Summit County is an expensive place to live and raise a family. Paying for a Christian education can be a stretch. We are keeping our tuition fees as mindful as we can. We are in the process of fundraising, and hope to find some funds for scholarships/tuition help, so if you believe that your family is aligned with our mission, vision and values of Mountain House Academy, please let us know you’d like to apply. We will begin after Labor Day 2022 and end in June 2023.

What does your daily culture look like?

We’re a tight knit community of mixed-age learners who support each other and collaborate daily. This environment fosters a culture of respect and character development. We replaced external motivators like high-pressure test scores and grades with an intrinsic growth mindset, so our learners will have fun while they’re learning. 

Our daily schedule will focus on educational foundations, like reading, writing and math in the morning, while our afternoons will allow for co-curriculars and inquiry learning. 

What role does Christianity play in your school?

Learning about, developing a child’s spirituality and knowing God is an important aspect to our over-arching goal at MHA. Our curriculum is from a Christian Worldview and we’ll participate in a 30 minute bi-weekly Chapel. MHA will be introducing a bible study class in the near future, to give a deeper appreciation, as well as a general understanding and learning of the word of God.

Mountain House Academy recognizes the responsibility of the home and chosen home church in the teaching of doctrinal believes. MHA does not want to infringe upon this responsibility and encourages children and families to discuss specific information and ideals that are not covered in our statement of faith.

We do not require recommendations from Church leaders, or Church membership to come to our academy. We believe everyone’s relationship with God and spirituality is their own, and the journey to get their is also their own. We are a non-denominational Christian education association that places laying the foundational principals of Christianity and living with a Christian worldview as the base layer, while allowing for specific spiritual growth to occur within the family unit or within the Church of your family’s choosing. 

How many learners will be in each pod?

Intentionally we plan on keeping age pods small, no more than 15 learners (children) in each. While our pods will eventually develop into similar age groups, we will be encouraging independent learning, partner learning and collaborative learning as a community group that will span multiple age ranges on a daily basis. Challenging those learners that need an extra challenge, or supporting those learners who need the support.

What flexible options are you offering?

As we get MHA started, MHA is offering “full time” learning schedule. But for those interested in flexible schooling options that best suit you and your family’s needs, we plan to offer 1/2 days of learning for families looking for just the education foundations to be covered in the morning sessions, or if you want to give your children an opportunity for exploration and inspired learning, our afternoons will be filled with fun and co-curricular learning.