TREK Adventure Club

Adventure & God’s Wilderness

Bringing our children into God’s wilderness, creating community amongst our members, and testing their resolve in nature. Unplugging, marveling at God’s creation, and investing in each other is more than just an adventure, it’s bringing us back to what’s most important. Spending intentional time in nature, growing faith, focusing on being present and invested in relationships, developing leaders, engaging in new adventures outside of one’s comfort zone, and experiential learning are the goals TREK will meet.

Blessed are those whose strength is in you, whose hearts are set on pilgrimage.

Psalm 84:5

Summer Camp

Monday-Thursday, 8:30 am-4:30 pm

More than camp, the TREK experience will be filled with outdoor-based educational science, allowing organic discovery about our environment. TREK will be building and developing future environmental stewards of the planet which we all love through service projects and understanding in the need for conservation and preservation.

Essential childhood development takes place with physical exercise and play while outdoors in the fresh air, with Vitamin D, and time away from the screens. Their curiosity will flourish as nature provides an endless world of exploration, and this program is designed to give your child(ren) the ability to let God and nature be their guide!

We feel strongly that outdoor Adventure and exercise will help children develop spiritually, problem-solving skills, communication tools, judgement/decision making skills, risk management, development of creativity, leadership, teamwork, and other valuable soft-skills.

Memberships are required to participate and are available for those not already a member of MHM, for a membership fee of $50 per family. Weekly camps available, register for one or as many as you need/want.

*Transportation to and from our offsite days not provided by MHAM.

2022 Summer Program Schedule

Weekly Themes
*Subject to change

  • July 6th – 8th | Games & Activities
    Ice Breakers, lots of games and activities to get the group excited about Summer.
  • July 11th – 14th | Wildflower Week
    “Stop and Smell the Flowers”
    Examining wildflowers of the Rocky Mountains.
  • July 18th – 21st | Arbor Week
    “Trees of Life”
    We’ll be digging into the trees of our natural environment, the way the function, the importance and value of trees, identification, hug-a tree, and family trees.
  • July 25th – 28th | Mushroom Week
    “Fungus Among Us”
    This week, we’ll be investigating the world of mushrooms. Foraging, sport prints and more!

  • August 1st – 4th | Water Cycle & Microorganisms
    “Cycle of Life”
    Learn about the water cycle, erosion, clouds and search for microorganisms.
  • August 8th – 11th | Geology & Minerals
    “Rock On”
    Discuss how the mountains were formed, different types and take a look at minerals role in Colorado.
  • August 15th – 18th | Survival Week
    We’ll be teaching survival techniques such as shelter building, fire starting, trapping, edible and medicinal plants and more.
  • August 22nd – 25th | Rocky Mountain Animals
    “It’s a Bug’s Life” and other animals too
    Take a look into the wildlife we have across the various ecosystems in the Rockies. Examine tracks, homes, scat and various other signs of wildlife.