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Here is a peek behind the scenes of what goes on with our daily life at Mountain House Academy. We’ll also add our current and upcoming events, news and information.

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Progress and Baby Steps

We have our updated building and design plans in the hands of our local public health department, awaiting their final approval. Once received, we’ll then be able to re-approach the Town of Dillon for their approval to be re-zoned for education. We are hoping (and praying!) the work we have completed up to this point willContinue reading “Progress and Baby Steps”

MHA 2.0

Hello! A much needed update to those that have supported MHA’s mission and goals toward providing Summit County with alternative educational option for children and families that are squarely rooted in a Christian-foundation. Our Inaugural Year was incredible! Following a wildly successful first year (it was truly an incredible gift to watch MHA and ourContinue reading “MHA 2.0”

Lunches for Lockers

We are seeking to raise $3,000 for lockers to add into our space. We’ve out-grown the wood cubbies we initially bought, and we owe mother’s everywhere a proper place to store the our necessary gear.

QUEST – Snowshoe Adventure

Monthly MHA embarks on a special QUEST, which is an outdoor adventure-based activity. Living in the mountains sure does lend us endless opportunities to get out into God’s country. A beautiful Colorado blue-bird sky day afforded us the perfect day to snowshoe through Copper Mountain. We’re incredibly grateful to our resident guide and volunteer extraordinaire,Continue reading “QUEST – Snowshoe Adventure”

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